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David V Sheehan MD

The Sheehan Disability Scale (SDS) is a short, simple, and cost-effective measure of disability and functional impairment that can be quickly administered and scored without disrupting the flow of routine care.  The SDS is a composite of three self-rated items designed to measure the extent to which three major domains in the patient’s life are functionally impaired by psychiatric or medical symptoms.  The SDS assesses functional impairment in three major life domains: work, social life/leisure activities, and family life/home responsibilities.

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Dr. Jimmy Sheehan

From Legatus: April 2013

“This is a story of patients and a doctor’s care, of suffering, patience and perseverance, of a man with a passion — and a bit of impatience.

All of those qualities have driven 74-year-old Dr. Jimmy Sheehan throughout his stellar career. With his wife Rosemary’s help, Sheehan has accomplished much: an impressive career as an orthopedic surgeon in his native Ireland, the design of a world-renowned knee replacement system that bears his name, and the establishment of private hospitals.”

Peter Sheehan Diabetes Care Foundation

Peter Sheehan Diabetes Care Foundation


“The Peter Sheehan Diabetes Care Foundation (PSDCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been created with the goal of reducing the global incidence of Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), while improving the lives of those already affected by the disease. Inspired by the work of the late Dr. Peter Sheehan, PSDCF seeks to improve T2D care and prevention for at-risk populations, educate communities to prevent onset of T2D and the complications, and organize forums for scientific ideas exchange to further the understanding of T2D.

PSDCF is passionate about taking on the global T2D epidemic by empowering communities with the necessary tools to manage and improve their health. We are in an increasingly connected world in which we can all readily benefit from advances in clinical technologies, evidence-based health data analytics, and improved communication between the patient and their care team. T2D is a complex disease that can lead to further health complications if left uncontrolled. Nevertheless, with proper course of action, T2D and its complications are preventable and manageable.”

John C Sheehan

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John Clark Sheehan (23 September 1915 – 21 March 1992) was an American organic chemist whose work on synthetic penicillin led to tailor-made forms of the drug. After nine years of hard work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), he became the first to discover a practical method for synthesizing penicillin V. While achieving total synthesis, Sheehan also produced an intermediate compound, 6-aminopenicillanic acid, which turned out to be the foundation of hundreds of kinds of synthetic penicillin. Dr. Sheehan’s research on synthetic penicillin paved the way for the development of customized forms of the lifesaving antibiotic that target specificbacteria. Over the four decades he worked at M.I.T., Sheehan came to hold over 30 patents, including the invention of ampicillin, a commonly used semi-synthetic penicillin that is taken orally rather than by injection. His research covered not only penicillin, but also peptides, other antibiotics, alkaloids, and steroids.”

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Sheehan Medical Practice (Ireland)


Sheahans’ Pharmacy Limited was set up on Wed the 23rd of Feb 1994 in Co Kerry. Their current status is Normal. The company’s current directors Louise Sheahan and Paul Sheahan have been the director of 1 other Irish company between them. Sheahans’ Pharmacy Limited has 2 shareholders.

Sheehan’s syndrome

Sheehan’s syndrome

Sheehan’s syndrome: a rare complication in pregnancy

Sheehan Syndrome

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Sheehan Syndrome: a rare complication of pregnancy, usually after execessive blood loss. Described in 1937 by the British pathologist Harold Leeming Sheehan (1900-1988).