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Margaret Linehan nee Sheehan

Margaret Linehan

February 18 2003

Margaret P. (Sheehan) Linehan, an Irishwoman whose dream of immigrating to the United States almost ended in the icy North Atlantic when she tried to book passage on the Titanic, died Tuesday in Portland, Maine, 89 years after the ship went down. She was 110…

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The Cork Examiner, 22 August 1862

AT three o’clock on Tuesday, Mr. Patrick Sheehan, auctioneer, submitted to auction an extensive business- house and premises, situated in the Market-square, held under a lease of 58 years, and yeilding a profit rent of £27 15s. per annum. The sale took place at the reading-room of the Young Men’s Society, before a large number of town and country people. The bidding was opened by Mr. Florence O’Reardon, whose offer was quickly followed by Messrs. C. R. O’Callaghan, Charles J. Daly, Thomas O’Callaghan, and Hugh Keller—and it was finally knocked down to Mr. C. R. O’Callaghan for £300, after being briskly competed for by the foregoing parties. The house was the property of Mr. William Sheehan, and the sale was admirably carried out by Mr. Patrick Sheehan.—Kanturk Correspondent.
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Canon Sheehan Loop walk

Crime: murder 1877

20/1/1886 William Sheehan – Cork
“There was a nasty smell in the water supply at Castletownroche in County Cork and officials went to check it out. Peering down the well at a local farm they found the source of the problem – the remains of three bodies, all from the same family, rotting in the water.
Incredibly, the trio had been killed eight years previously, on October 22nd, 1877. At that time the Sheehan family, owners of the farm, were about to emigrate to New Zealand when William Sheehan got into a blazing row with his brother Thomas over the division of the land, and beat him to death with a plough in an outbuilding.
When his mother Catherine and sister Hannah arrived to find out what the commotion was all about, Sheehan strangled them both and threw all three bodies down the well.
Sheehan then went off to New Zealand alone, but eight years later, when the bodies were discovered, he was brought back to Ireland. The Crown alleged that his brother-in-law David Browne, who was also charged with the murders, had aided him.
Browne, tried separately, was acquitted, while Sheehan was found guilty after a two-day trial. On Wednesday, January 20th, 1886, just before he was hanged, he admitted his guilt and reiterated that Browne was completely innocent.”

King James’s Irish Army List 1689

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King James’s Irish Army List 1689 – John D’Alton



The O’Sheehans were a Sept in Cork and Limerick,
and this Captain is described in his attainder as of
Rathcumaine in the former county.


Note : have not been able to find a reference to a location called “Rathcumaine”.  It may have existed but is no longer known by that name or is spelt differently. soi

Note#2: William Sheehan was a Captain under Colonel John Barrett’s infantry regiment. He is listed on page 684 as one of the eleven captains. There were 24 other officers in this regiment.

“The above Colonel was of the Cork Barrets, and in the parliament of 1689 sat as one of the Representatives of the Borough of Moyallow. His Regiment seems to have been collected from families of the County; but it was, as appears from contemporaneous authority, disbanded a fortnight before the battle of the Boyne;” page 686

:King James’s Irish Army List