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Sheehan Construction Company

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Since 1904, teamwork has been the Sheehan key to successful partnership and satisfied residents. The Sheehan Companies are committed to working closely with customers offering unparalleled expertise in all aspects of development, construction and property management in order to maximize the value of your real estate investment while achieving the highest level of quality in the building industry. In turn, we are dedicated to providing an outstanding living experience for tenants and a smartly designed, productive homebase for commercial clients.

Sheehan History

From the start Sheehan Construction Company was formed as a family business with a dare to dream and a focus on the future.   More than one hundred years ago, Gene and Jack Sheehan walked into the office of the Indiana Secretary of State to incorporate their new venture, Sheehan Construction Company.  On March 10, 1904 the brothers formed their sanitary sewer business and went to work designing and installing hundreds of miles of sewer lines.


America’s First Family of the Pipeline Construction Industry

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America’s First Family of the Pipeline Construction Industry

Since 1903, Sheehan Has Completed Over 23,000 Miles Of Pipelines.

Every field of endeavor has a pioneer or two, and the pipeline industry must certainly include John Sheehan among its earliest and most knowledgeable leaders.

Born in 1852, he joined many young men at the turn of the century who went where the oil was. In 1903, he and his “gang” laid some of the first pipelines in the rugged, developing oil fields of Indian Territory, working for industry leaders such as Josh Cosden and Harry Sinclair.