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Mark T. Sheehan High School

Mark T. Sheehan High School

Named to honor a well-loved local physician, Mark T. Sheehan High School was built on its 44.5 acre campus on Wallingford’s west side in 1971. A grade 9 through 12 building, most students enter Sheehan from Moran Middle School. The school includes 53 classrooms and 3 computer labs. Art, family life and consumer science, science, and technology education each have specialized rooms and/or labs. Music has instruction and practice areas. Indoor facilities also include an auditorium, a drama lecture room, a gymnasium, a library media center, a planetarium and a natatorium.

Outdoors is the John Riccitelli Field for football, track, and soccer; 4 tennis courts; enclosed baseball and softball fields; a field hockey field, and other practice facilities.

An alternate day block schedule was implemented in the 2002-2003 school year.  Each day consists of four 84 minute periods.  Courses are offered on the basic, general, academic, honors, and advanced placement levels. World language offerings include Spanish, French, Italian and German.

Thirteen varsity sports for men and twelve for women are played at Sheehan, a member of the highly competitive Southern Connecticut Conference. Dozens of ongoing student activities and clubs are available to all students.

  • Principal: Rosemary Duthie
  • Assistant Principals: Gregory J. Dirkson and Justin Marciano
  • Staff: 79 teachers, 4 guidance counselors, 1 school psychologist, 1 social worker, and 1 school nurse.
  • 850 students


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