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Professor Helena Sheehan

Helena Sheehan PHD – Dublin City University

Born in the USA. Grew up catholic and conservative. As result of study, became agnostic and liberal, then atheist and radical. Started university and taught primary school as a nun. Left convent, then church and country. Earned degrees: BS in 1967 from St Joseph’s College in Philadelphia, MA in 1970 from Temple University in Philadelphia, PhD in 1980 from Trinity College Dublin in philosophy. Travelled often to Eastern Europe for research purposes. Wrote books: Marxism and the Philosophy of Science: A Critical History published in 1985 and 1993; Irish Television Drama: A Society and Its Stories published in 1987 and 2004; The Continuing Story of Irish Television Drama: Tracking the Tiger published in 2004. Co-edited Mapping Irish Media: Critical Explorations published in 2007. Appointed to permanent position at DCU in 1994. Made 5 research trips to South Africa between 2001-2007, based primarily at University of Cape Town, investigating intellectual dynamics of post-apartheid universities. Over the years taught university courses, supervised postgraduate research, presented conference papers, gave public lectures, appeared on radio and tv, sought truth, marched against injustice. Stuck with marxism after many others abandoned it.



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