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Your Family Stories

Do you have any Sheehan family history ?

Feel free to reply with your snippets of information…

  1. Frank
    May 28, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    My grandmother was Sarah Jane Pike Sheehan – her mother was Elizabeth Sheehan – her parents were james and Elizabeth Sheehan. The parents were probably from County Waterford and they emigrated to Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, Canada.

  2. Kay
    August 30, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    This is my great great grandmother: Julia Sheehan Whalen out of Macha, Ballincuslane, Kerry near Ballydesmond (then Kingwilliamstown) on the Kerry-Cork border.

    Mrs. Julia Whalen, a Pioneer Resident of St. Thomas, Passes Away.-

    On last Wednesday, Mrs. Julia Whalen, who has lived in this community since 1866, passed away at the home of her son, Thos. Whalen. Mrs. Whalen, who had attained the ripe old age of eighty-seven years, fell about three weeks ago fracturing her hip, and was unable to stand the shock. Before this in spite of her years, she had remained wonderfully active.

    The deceased was ever a cheerful, patient woman, ready and anxious to help anyone in distress and to share her last possession with the needy. Her happy helpful disposition made her many friends who will hold her memory a cherished possession.

    Mrs. Whalen, whose maiden name was Julia Sheehan, was born in County Kerry, Ireland in 1832. When a young woman she came to America and lived first in Detroit, Mich. Here she was married to the late James Whalen. In 1866 Mr. and Mrs. Whalen moved to Le Sueur and settled on a tract of land in St. Thomas, then a portion of the big woods. Until her husband’s death in 1880, they lived and worked upon this farm, enduring at first many hardships. Since her husband’s death, her son, Thos. Whalen, has run the farm, and she made her home with him. The land is now well developed.

    To Mr. and Mrs. Whalen nine children were born, five of whom survive their mother. The living are Thos. Whalen of St. Thomas, Mrs. Nat Edelkam of LeSueur, Mrs. Hogan, Mrs. J. J. Buckley and Mrs. Frank Blake of St. Paul. She is also survived by a brother, Patrick Sheehan of Le Sueur and by a sister in Ireland.

    The funeral services were held last Friday morning at ten o’clock in the St. Thomas catholic church, Rev. Dobbins conducted the services. The remains were laid to rest in the St. Thomas Cemetery.

    The following were here from a distance to attend the funeral, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blake, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hogan, Mrs. L. Van Core (sic), Miss C. Hogan, and Mrs. Carlson, all of St. Paul.

    Le Sueur Herald, 19 Nov 1919
    Le Sueur Minnesota

  3. Kay
    August 30, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    Dennis Sheehan brother of Julia Sheehan Whalen from Ballinahulla, Kerry

    Dennis Sheehan

    Dennis Sheehan, one of the pioneers of this county and a resident of this city for the last thirty four years, died on Sunday morning last, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Cronin. The deceased was born in County Kerry, Ireland, and was seventy-eight years of age. He came to America in 1851, settling in Detroit where he was married in 1853. In 1856 he came to St. Thomas, this county, where he opened up a farm and later removed to this city. He is survived by his wife and his only child, Mrs. John Cronin, and by two brothers, Patrick and John Sheehan of this city, and three sisters, one of whom is still in Ireland, one at Graceville and one Mrs. Whalen at St. Thomas. The funeral was on Tuesday morning from St. Ann’s church this city, and the interment at the St. Thomas Cemetery. The deceased had been an invalid for a number of years and his death was not unexpected.

    Le Sueur Sentinel, 4 Nov 1904
    Le Sueur, Minnesota

  4. Kay
    August 30, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    Patrick(Patsy) Sheehan, brother of Julia Sheehan Whalen and Dennis Sheehan of Ballinahula l, Kerry and Le Sueur County, Minnesota


    Patrick Sheehan, the last of a large and long-lived family passed to his eternal reward at 2 a. m. Sunday. At the time of his death he was the oldest resident of Le Sueur being 87 years and eleven months old.
    He was born in King William’s Town, County Cork, Ireland in 1837. In 1856 at the age of nineteen he came to Detroit. From there he came to the Copper Mines of northern Michigan where he remained for a few months. In September of that year he came to Minnesota and pre-empted in the ten (sic) pioneer St. Thomas country. Here he went through all the hardships and vicissitudes of pioneer life. In those days of entire absence of transportation facilities it was not unusual thing for him to walk from St. Thomas to St. Paul, starting out at dawn and arriving at his destination of about six in the evening. Experiences of this type tended to increase and strengthen the physical health and endurance which were his naturally.
    In 1859 he adventured down to New Orleans where he worked on the levee and saw a great deal of the tragedy of slavery.
    In 1861 he returned to the Copper Country from which place with the rewards of industry he again went to Minnesota in 1868. From that time until 1880 he labored on what is now John Dunn’s farm in St. Thomas. Many were the stories he could tell of those days when the county was a wilderness and the Indians lurked in ambush.
    In 1880 he became a resident of Belle Plaine living there nineteen years in peace and retrospection. At the end of that time his loving wife died and he came to Le Sueur where he has for the last twenty years been taken care of by his niece, Mrs. Harrington.
    Until the past year he was ever active, working in his garden from early spring until late in the fall. It was always his pride that he had the finest potato patch and the earliest new potatoes in town.
    During the past year he suffered much from the affliction which form the beginning was malignant in its character. It was quite a hardship when inactivity and confinement to the house were forced upon him. About three weeks ago he suddenly became weaker and death come sooner than was expected.
    Mr. Sheehan was a God-fearing honest man. Especially was the last quality a part of his sturdy character. He was kind of heart, a good neighbor and many a smile and hearty laugh wre the result of his funny stories, his songs and his witty and spontaneous repartee. His years were many and full of the wisdom resultant of various experiences encountered. His was a kindly nature and from our hearts we say: ” God rest him.” -Contributed.
    Le Sueur News Herald, 11 Feb 1925

  5. Michelina may
    September 3, 2014 at 10:11 am

    Hi all my Grandad was Gerard Sheehan born 1905 – 1961 ?
    He came from limerick and lived in Southampton after 1935 with my nan Ita ( Dillon) at some point after 1951 we think he came back to ireland to live but we are unsure
    If anyone has any information on him or his family we would be very grateful for it
    His parents were john and Kate ( Catherine Fitzgerald ) both born 1873 in Ireland

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