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Daniel Desmond Sheehan

Daniel Desmond (D.D.) Sheehan, barrister-at-law, Captain,
May 28th 1873 – November 28th 1948.

Teacher, journalist, labour leader (Irish Land and Labour Association), Member of Parliament for mid Cork 1901 – 1918, barrister-at-law, soldier in WWI, author.

Sheehan’s Cottages. Under the Labourers (Ireland) Act 1906, 40,000 cottages on an acre of land were built around the country. Known locally in Cork as Sheehan’s cottages due to D.D. Sheehan’s campaigning as part of the ILLA. He organised the building of the Irish Model Village at Tower near Blarney.

From 1909, He campaigned for the AFIL – All for Ireland League. The aim was for an all Ireland by consent.

Served with the Royal Munster Fusiliers and other units during The Great War from 1914 to 1917. Decommissioned in late 1917 due to ill health; receiving the honorary rank of Captain.

Wrote “Ireland since Parnell” published in 1921.

Worked as a Journalist. Exposed slums in the Dublin region. Editor of the Dublin Chronicle from 1929.  During the 1930s provided legal advice and campaigned for Buy Irish Goods.

Died in 1948 and was buried at Glasnevin National Cemetery.

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