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Barony of Lower Connello and Upper Connello

ref: Baronies of Ireland – Dennis Walshe

County Limerick:

  • Connello (Lower) – Anciently the Ui Fidhgeninte (Ui Conaill Gabra)
    occupied Connello, e.g. O’Flannery. Connalla was the name of the Eoghanacht
    cantred here, run by the O’Kinealys and O’Thyans. O’Coileain (Collins or
    Cullane) were lords of Connello until they settled in Cork in the 13th century.
    The chief of the O’Sheehans is found anciently here. O’Morny is cited in the
    barony of Lower Conello.
  • Connello (Upper) – Hy Cnocnuil Gabhra (aka Ui Conaill Uachtarach) was
    the name of the Eoghanacht cantred here, run by the McEneirys and O’Sheehans.
    MacEneiry (MacHenry) is further cited as chief of the Corca Muikedha
    (Muiceadha). O’Coileain (Collins or Cullane) were later lords of Connello until
    they settled in Cork in the 13th century. The O’Billrys were also cited as a
    chief in Ui Conaill Gabhra (Guara). O’Meehan is cited as chiefs in Connello,
    along with O’Cullane and O’Sheehan. O’Connell is cited as chief of Hy-Cuilean, a
    territory south-east of Abbeyfeale, before they settled across the border in
    Kerry in the 12th century.

The history, topography, and antiquities, of the county and city of Limerick, with a preliminary view of the history, and antiquities of Ireland

– Rev. Patrick Fitzgerald
Page 372

“Our Annalists inform us that at this period [note: 10th century ms] the Kings of Munster gave annual presents to their territorial chiefs, who, in return,

were bound to funish their quotas of men and horses when called for”…

“Mac Eneiry and O’Sheehan, chiefs of Conal Gabrha or Upper Connello, ten swords, ten shields, ten horses, ten cups, and the honour of sitting at the King’s table.”

From Irish Names and Surnames 1923

UI CONAILL GABHRA, descendants of Conall, the fourth in descent from Fiacha Fidhgheinte, a branch of the Ui Fidhgheinte (which see), of which the chief families were the O’Collins and O’Kinnealys, and whose territory comprised the baronies of Upper and Lower Connello, Shanid and Glenquin, in Co. Limerick.

  1. Jim Sheehan
    October 22, 2012 at 7:01 am

    I wonder what the significance of ten was? I went to lower connello in hopes to learn something and left learning nothing new, except that there is a golf course there and fairly nice looking farm ground.

    • October 22, 2012 at 7:58 pm

      Lower Connello covers 12 parishes:
      Morgans: Shanagolden
      Tomdeely: Askeaton
      Askeaton: Askeaton
      Lismakeery: Askeaton
      Nantinan: Cappagh, Stonehall
      Cappagh: Cappagh and Stonehall
      Clonshire: Adare and Cappagh
      Clonagh: Kilcolman and Coolcappa
      Doondonnell: Coolcappa
      Rathkeale: Rathkeale
      Croagh: Croagh and Kilfinny
      Kilscannell: Ardagh, Rathkeale

      • October 22, 2012 at 8:33 pm

        There is more to county limerick than a golf course! But, I take the general point that is hard to find evidence of the roots of the Sheehan “clan” in the modern landscape besides burials in country churchyards. The surname Sheehan/Sheahan is common in the province of Munster; and can be found throughout Ireland.
        The signifiance of ten sets of gifts – is that it was generous and also would certainly guarantee ten men-at-arms be ready to serve the king at time of need!

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