O’Siochain is the modern gaelic irish spelling for the family name anglicised as O’Sheehan, which over time was contracted to the surname Sheehan. The “O” represented the appellation of “Son of” in a similar way to the prefix “mac” in Scottish surnames. Tradition has it that the sheehan clan originated in County Limerick, Ireland. Its seat found in the Lower Connello area in the south of Limerick.  Limerick was part of the Kingdom of Thomond ruled by the O’Briens from the 12th Century AD.  The family is associated with the Dal gCais (dalcassian) sept, whose most famous leader was Brian Buru, The early 11th century High King of Ireland, who fought the vikings at the Battle of Clontarf. His stronghold was near Killaloe, Co Clare, on the banks of Lough Derg.  Brief histories indicate the Sheehans were part of a minor clan;the meaning of the name is often translated as Peaceful, origin unknown. The family crest does have a dove with a laurel leaf in its beak. It is suggested that that an alternate lineage for the family was as the Trumpeteers for the O’Kelly clan in Connaught.

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