Aislish Sheehan – rower


  • Champion student rower dies after falling in ‘freak’ accident as she celebrated with University of London team-mates after world championship in Poland
    10th September 2016
  • Ailish Sheehan died in hospital in Poznan on Friday five days after her fall
  • The 23-year-old, from Limerick, had been in a coma since ‘freak accident’
  • She is thought to have fractured skull and arm during Sunday’s celebration
  • Her team had won bronze at World University Championships in Poland

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Dr. Jimmy Sheehan

From Legatus: April 2013

“This is a story of patients and a doctor’s care, of suffering, patience and perseverance, of a man with a passion — and a bit of impatience.

All of those qualities have driven 74-year-old Dr. Jimmy Sheehan throughout his stellar career. With his wife Rosemary’s help, Sheehan has accomplished much: an impressive career as an orthopedic surgeon in his native Ireland, the design of a world-renowned knee replacement system that bears his name, and the establishment of private hospitals.”


From “Listowel Connection”

14th January 1950


“Cahirguillamore” is a song in which we learn of a terrible happening near Bruff on St. Stephen’s Night, 1920. An I.R.A. dance was in progress in Lord Guillaghmore’s unoccupied mansion when the place was surrounded by British forces in great strength. In the ensuing fight five I.R.A. men lost their lives. They were: Daniel Sheehan, the sentry who raised the alarm, Martin Conway, Eamon Molony, John Quinlan and Henry Wade. Here is a song that commemorates the tragedy. It was sent to me by Peter Kerins, Caherelly, Grange.  I have not learned the author’s name.


O Roisin Dubh your sorrows grew

On a cold and stormy night,

When Caher’s woods and glens so bold

Shone in the pale moonlight.

Within your walls where alien balls,

Were held in days of yore,

Stood many an Irish lad and lass,

At Cahirguillamore.

Did you not hear with fallen tear

The tread of silent men?

As a shot rang out from a rifle bright,

To warn those within.

The sentry brave the alarm gave,

Though he lay in his own gore:

His life he gave his friends to save,

That night at `Guillamore’.

I need not tell what there befell,

All in that crowded hall;

The Black and Tans worked quite well,

With rifle-butt and ball.

 Unarmed men lay dying and dead ,

Their life’s blood did out pour;

They sleep now in their hollow graves,

Near Cahirguillamore.

The commander of those legions

Would more suit a foreign field,

Where he would meet some savage foes,

His methods they would greet,

And not those laughing youths

Who were taught to love and pray,

And who received the body of Christ,

On that same Christmas Day.

Neil Sheehan

Neil Sheehan is a writer who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1983

Susan Sheehan

Susan Sheehan is an American writer who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1988

Norma Sheahan

Norma Sheahan is an actress/actor and producer from County Cork, Ireland.

Educated at RADA, London, UK

She has worked in voiceover, theatre, television, radio, and film.

Known for  Ondine (2009), The Clinic (2003), New Boy (2007) and Moon Boy (2015)



Monte-Carlo TV Festival, Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series (Nominated), 2010
For: “An Crisis”




Dr. Con Sheahan

September 16, 2017 Leave a comment

Dr. Con Sheahan B Eng(UL), MBA (UL), PhD(UL), C. Eng., MIEI

Dr. Con Sheahan is a senior lecturer at the Enterprise Research Centre, University of Limerick, Ireland. He has a PhD in Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Optimisation, a B.Eng. in Production Engineering and an MBA from UL. His recent career has spanned both industry and academia. His research is focused on enterprise performance modelling and optimisation. He has experience in supervising a number of doctoral research and EU projects. He has co-ordinated EU collaborative research projects including industrial and academic partners from across Europe.